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"SKINNER" SPEARGUN ERGO 90/100/110/120
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Click per ingrandire The speargun "Randall", made entirely of carbon, has a cuttlefish shaped barrel with shaft-guide and header all in one piece.

The firing mechanism is equipped on the barrel and so it ha no coupling points      and bending to the advantage of the precision and power of the shot.

The handle, also made out of carbon, is hollow, filled with secured foam and is assembled to the frame with special adhesives before milling which holds the firing mechanism, contributing to an thick increment in its anchor points.
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The header is the natural extension of the barrel without any type of junction and has a 15" diameter hole and has a shaped eyelet taht holds till three rubber bands and has a convergent profile which locks the rubber band during traction in centered position.

The barrel has a special shape that enables the rubber bands, when in firing position, to be collected within the shape perfectly, creating ​​a total absence of vibration during slewing .

The "Skinner" speargun has a lateral profile very hydrodynamic which allow a particularly easy slewing.

The handle allows the hand to be positioned at a distance of 5 mm from the shaft; the barrel in pointing phase has a shape converging towards the head of the speargun; these two features greatly facilitate the pointing instinct and contain the tipping of the head of the speargun.

"Skinner" speargun can be supplied either 'naked' or completely set-up.

Equipped "Skinner" speargun has a reel HUNT spooled with black polyester monofilament connected to the shaft by line d. 140, shaft HUNT mono-fin under with tips, rubber bands with dyneema wishbones.

"Skinner" speargun is so ready for fishing.

Delivery time: 15 days.
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