Firing mechanisms
Blue water hunting
Rubber bands
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Click per ingrandire The lateral profile has a section that avoid scallops on the rubber and undesired restrained effects.

The rubber is build in special compound 50 shore.

The blade has a perfect surface behaviour withno skids.
It is appreciated when leaving theseabed and when swimmming upwards thanks to the angle foot-pocket/blade being 25°.
The shape of the emerged part, which has a very negatie design, contributes to redirect water flows, stabilizing powerful kicking.
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HUNT Flash Pro fins are presented in two versions:
    in T700 twill prepreg, built in high pression autoclave (top)
    glass and carbon fibers in prepreg k3 (outside) and white glass fiber (inside), built in high pression autoclave
Click per ingrandire The main feature of the blade is the shape that, since it's tapered on the foot-pocket, eases the water load where is not useful, granting more powerful action.
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