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Our articulated wishbones are completely built out of AISI 316, with extra short extra machined from solid with C.N.C. arms and all the metallic parts are well smoothed.
Are available for rubber bands by the meter or for in-bushing speargun.
Bushing for screwed rubber bands are milled and machined from solid of black derlin bar, much to the advantage of strength and security.

Bushing for speargun header
The bushing for speargun header is used to equip rubber bands, using an appropriate tie, on spearguns that have the header suitable for rubbers with threaded bushing.
The threaded part is made out of Delrin© CNC machined and has a hexagonal area for a 13" wrench or for having better grip with the hands.
The pin is made ​​of AISI 316 while the ball is in brass.
Everything is assembled in a perfect way using thread locker.
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Tek: articulated wishbone removable, light with a captivating design.
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Dynamic: removable articulated wishbone with bail arm, very durable.
Click per ingrandire Traditional: classic wishbone and very durable
Click per ingrandire Pratika: dyneema wishbone with loading facilitating arms
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Tek B: like Tek for in-bushing rubber bands
Click per ingrandire Dynamic B: like Dynamic for in-bushing rubber bands
Click per ingrandire Traditional B: like Traditional for in-bushing rubber bands

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