Firing mechanisms
Blue water hunting
Rubber bands
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The Blue shaft is made of stainless steel 17.4 PH 8.5 mm diam. with heat treatment, burnished, anti-glare finished; it has 4 fins TIG welded at 60,90,120,360 mm from the back of the spearshaft.
the pre-loading fin, at 360 mm from the back of the spearshaft, besides facilitate loading phase, has a smoothed hole for the binding.
The spearshafts are available threaded and with high strength mono-fin external 12 mm, internal 9 mm very sharped to easily open after penetration; they are 90 mm long with special hard rod rivet and 90mm tip, as the fin.

Click per ingrandire Detail fin Blue spearshaft TIG welded hand finished, smoothed; high duration for dyneema
Click per ingrandire Detail of the pre-load fin at 360 mm with hole to tie the Blue shaft
Click per ingrandire Blue shaft with special fin
Click per ingrandire Detail threaded Blue shaft

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