Firing mechanisms
Blue water hunting
Rubber bands
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The rubber band HUNT is made in U.S.A. and is sold in 3 versions: amber very progressive and suitable both for classic spearguns and roller, red co-extruded (with 0,1 mm coating)VELOX HUNT very progressive, black co-extruded (with 0,4 mm coating) medium progressive.
Rubber bands with great features, long laasting and very performant.
Just try them!
Maximum extension
-14.5: max 360%
-16.0: max 360%
-17.5: max 380%
-19.0: max 400%

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Click per ingrandire Amber color: top progressivity, suitable for long spearguns.  
Click per ingrandire Velox Hunt red co-extruded; extra thin color coated.
Red is an invisible color just after few meters under surface.
Click per ingrandire Black co-extruded: very reactive rubber band  

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