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Hunt: the Hybrid with notches
Hunt Technology introduces the new born shaft: Hybrid.
Available in two diameters (6.25 and 6.50), will have the notches at 50, 145 and 265 mm from the bottom of the shaft, in order to satisfy those who want a not expensive high quality Tahitian: the classic shaft for everyone or for equip the 'spare' speargun.
The notches are made with extreme care and with CNC machines, they are well rounded and are suitable to be used also with the Dynema ogives.
These the new features of this arrow.

Now let's take a step back and analyze what are the main characteristics of the Hybrid.
Shafts made of high quality steel, with excellent structural rigidity and hard and hydrodynamic barbs. The material is stainless steel 17.4 PH, rectified, supplied in straight and perfectly smooth original bars, certified by the origin steel mill.
The rod is CNC machined, checked and examined at each step of production.
Hybrid shafts, hand finished one by one, have the classic hole on the end of the shank and 70 mm from the bottom of the shaft, just outside the mechanism to tie the line and are equipped with finely curved fins, which are inset almost 'in line' with the arrow.
Hunt technicians practice milling to host the barb.
Hunt offers also an excellent customization service and the customer can request (through the store) particular types of processing, such as the position of the barbs and the type of tip.

Click per ingrandire Detail of the CNC machined notch, smooth and rounded
Click per ingrandire Hybrid shaft with notches
Click per ingrandire Notch at the very end of the shaft; please notice the double hole.
Click per ingrandire New hole below the notch.
Click per ingrandire Hybrid shaft with hole.

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