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The concept of "Blackout" shaft
It's a shaft very strong, with top level finishing as well as all the Hunt shafts.
Its name comes from the maximum stopping power on the fish (thanks to the 'true' tricuspid point and the barb not recessed, if hit in its vital points you have more chances to kill the fish with one shot); maximum hold of the barb on the fish, penetrating as a double barb thanks also to the not sticking out welded pin.
The barb is very heavy abnd since it's 'under', it alway open itself.

Technical description of Blackout shaft
  • The Blackout shaft is made in 17.4 PH rebored
  • Is made by 17.4 PH bars certificated by steelwork; straight and smooth
  • The Blackout shaft is C.N.C. machined
  • The Blackout shaft has 4 fins, 3 backwards and one for preloading for diameters 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 8.75, 9, 9.5, 10
  • The Blackout shaft stands out for fins position, like shark fin, at 60/90/120/360 mm from the bottom of the shaft.
  • The fins have no corners and are perfect both for dyneema use and for othe kind of wishbones
  • "Shark fin" tips are TIG welded and create a stiffening bridge on the shaft, inscreasing its balistic performances.
  • It's a shaft for powerful spearguns, it has a sharpen tricuspid point and the 1.2mm thick barb, very strong and mounted with a special pin, high strength d. 2.5 mm TIG welded in a very accurated way.
  • The barb is very smooth and polished for fish integrity.
  • The welded pin allows to have the maximum hold because the welding itself creates a reticular connection between barb and pin, avoiding the ovalization of the hole, also with wide loads.
  • The barb is supplied 'mono under' only and it does stick out as a recessed double barb.
  • The barb blocks while opening.
  • Preloading fin with 3.5 hole welded with continuous bead and shark fins 4.5 height.

How to connect the line to the shaft
Has a hole in the bottom part and a smoothed one on the preloading fin D. 2.5 at 360 mm from the bottom of the shaft (useful for ambush and roller)

Penetration cone AISI 316
The penetration cone built in AISI 316 has been created to have a 'built in' accessory with the shaft that creates a fairing with the barb with no milling of the Blackout shafts.
The INOX PENETRATION CONE is mounted on demand and with a surcharge with TIG welding system. Machined from the solid in AISI 316 is an expensive tool and since it's steel made, as the shaft, it can be welded, making it reliable.
The measures, in millimiters, available are the one of BLACKOUT shafts: hole 7 external 10,hole 7,5 external 10,hole 8 external 11, hole 8,5 external 11.

Click per ingrandire Mounting system with AISI 316 cone TIG welded
Click per ingrandire Shaft with AISI 316 cone set up and closed barb
Click per ingrandire Barb with double barb staggered
Click per ingrandire Tricuspid point close-up
Click per ingrandire Steel pin 48HRC strength, please notice the perfect welding
Click per ingrandire Detail of the perfect coupling of the barb and the shaft, the bevel of the barb if the fore part per a better penetrating action and the minimal stick out of the welded tip.
Click per ingrandire Above shark preloading fin hole D. 3.5 height 4.5; below backwards fins height 4.5 without hole.

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